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Who we are

Hansen & Cawley was established in 1997 with the aim of providing a service of the highest logistical performance to fashion brands and distributors in Spain and Portugal.

In 2005, with the opening of our Center in Italy, Hansen & Cawley becomes an important European logistics benchmark for the most prestigious firms in the fashion, extending our services not only in Italy but also in markets such as the United Kingdom or Netherlands.

From the year 2010, with the incorporation of relevant professionals from the retail sector, as well as thanks to the partnership with leading technology companies, Hansen & Cawley is positioned as a provider of services in this sector, very competitive in the multi-channel logistics, e-commerce and complex environments, encompassing management of planning and replenishment processes and the implementation of both direct and reverse logistics operations.

Hansen & Cawley is therefore, to this day, one of the best proposals for the optimization of the supply chain in two of the most dynamic, changing, demanding and complex sectors: fashion and retail.