Access to Customers

The Challenge

"E-commerce" and "fashion retail" operations are characterized by a great variability of demand, a large number of management points, and a personalised service, which requires a constant adaptation to the needs.

The layout of the stores must be designed to make the picking unit of thousands of products and serve them to stores or directly to the consumer.

Store response times should be greatly reduced which complicates the operations, leaving obsolete traditional negotiations and requiring great flexibility.

Complex processes of picking and packing, are conducted to respond to each of the needs of the business and sales channels.

You must also manage and integrate value added as kitting or gifting activities throughout the fulfillment process.

Hansen & Cawley perfectly meets the special needs of each one of the channels for fashion and "e-commerce", committed to satisfy them in the best way, providing a differentiated service which will turn into a competitive advantage for your business.