Access to Customers


Hansen & Cawley has selected Manhattan Associates as a strategic partner with its set of Manhattan Supply Chain Intelligence solutions that control and manage the actions of the processes of the supply chain.The use of its products in the process of modernization, starting with its Warehouse Management Solution, continuing with your Order Lifecycle Management and Store Operations. This allows us to optimize our operational processes and improve the brand loyalty of our clients with reduced risk and cost, improve product availability and improve times, allowing you to complete orders for customers in a more agile and profitable way.

We have also developed integration strategy based on an ESB (Webmethods) and a framework that facilitates integration with customers and with the main European transport agencies.

The second great pillar in integration is based on the pre-configuration for the web platforms and e-commerce.

The strategic choice of Manhattan technology and our integration into the value chain allows us to be one of the most flexible, efficient and competitive European operators.